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"I communicate with art in order to get to the point of self-awareness, with art I am constantly discovering my senses. I choose to use oil paint which I admire, the strength of pigments and layers of lighting on each colour is fascinating for me. I like to use natural materials in sculpture.

At the end I paint my visualisations where I am a part of a higher consciousness."


She always has high emotional curiosity; in her works she questioned all those desires, conclusions and repeated elections, misconceptions, and endless lessons of our choices. 


While producing her works, the main themes are existence, human-nature relationship, mythological stories. She is influenced by her dreams, music and poetry.


In her oil paintings she depicts images of life that reflect her own spiritual journey through unique texture, lighting and pattern painting technique colour captured in plain textures and freed surfaces. 


She was born in İstanbul, after graduating from high school she settled in Sweden. 

Studied painting and sculpture at Konstskolan i Stockholm in 2005 and next year Visual Communication Department of Media Skolan i Stockholm. 


She was represented by Armaggan Art & Design Gallery in  İstanbul,  between 2013-2018.


She lived and worked in New York, Montreal 2018-2020.

Currently living and working in Stockholm.

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